About Me

Hi there, my name is Steve Toms. I am a web developer, and graduate of the Information Technology – Software Development major program at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT). I am talented, and skilled in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery, with a count knowledge of PHP, and WordPress.

I am always striving to further enhance these skills. To complement my skills as a web developer I have talents for organization, multitasking, conflict management and working with others. I constantly strive to learn and to expand knowledge of web development and technologies with a constant mind toward the future.

I am a born and raised Calgarian, currently residing in Victoria to take a position with Hothouse Marketing as a Web Developer. I have always had a passion for computers, especially when it comes to developing web applications. I enjoy the challenges of applications that are not only clean, and good looking but are efficient as well.


Below is a sample of websites I’ve worked on both at Hothouse Marketing and otherwise.

10 Acres

Created to replace a convoluted and confusing design, the new 10 Acres website was designed to better reflect not only the beautiful food served at 10 Acres, but the beauty of the 10 Acres locations themselves.

Featuring the photography and videography created by Christian Wiebe the design is simple yet attractive. As the 10 Acres menus have frequent menu changes due to the seasonal nature of items on their menus, an easy system to keep these menus on the website up to date was required. This was achieved with a custom post type, and custom taxonomy in their WordPress setup.

The new website is faster, more appealing, and generally overall better than the version it replaced, and 10 Acres is very happy with this result.

Designer: Kelly Rocque

View 10 Acres Website

Chemistry Consulting

Chemistry Consulting was looking to replace their Drupal based website with a WordPress based that would be easier to edit and more user friendly to keep up to date. This presented a challenge as their Drupal site had several issues such as URL structure, and the setup of the backend including pages and blog posts which made the migration of content nearly impossible to implement correctly.

We worked with the client to come up with a modern, attractive design while also updating the content of the website to better reflect their product. This included a completely updated URL structure with the subsequent
redirect’s setup to ensure minimal 404 page errors.

Chemistry Consulting is well represented by their new website not only the design and function but the speed as well.

Designer: Kelly Rocque

View Chemistry Consulting Website

HSM Insurance

With a new and updated brand image, HSM Insurance needed a new website to replace their old, and outdated website. Built with the page builder, Divi the old website was clunky, slow, and not easy to maintain along with several out of date plugins causing numerous issues with security and UX.

A completely brand site map was created to modernize and update the services they offer. This included consolidating, and removal of several pages as well as brand new social media strategy. The website is very clean, and simple yet eye catching in its design while also including a customized Facebook feed displaying their latest posts.

The website and new brand image are reflected well in the new design, and HSM Insurance is extremely pleased with the results.

Designer: Kelly Rocque

View HSM Insurance Website

Red Barn Market

With a very old website that had numerous issues with accessibility, UX, and design issues Red Barn Market came to Hothouse Marketing looking for a completely brand new website.

Working with Rachel Park, a very modern design was created that incorporates several elements relating to Red Barn products, and a better delivery method of their weekly flyer powered by Reebee. This design included challenges with the design elements and ensuring that not only every element is responsive but doesn’t interfere with the usage of the website for every user, including those who use screen assertive technologies.

Red Barn Market is incredibly happy with the result, not only in the design of the website but the ease of use in the WordPress backend as well. They even had a promotion on their social media accounts relating to the new website where a Red Barn customer was the winner of a $500 gift card.

Designer: Rachel Park

View Red Barn Market Website

Victoria City Police Union

Originally created for the 2018 B.C. municipal elections in Victoria, and Esquimalt to inform voters of issues in the election, the Victoria City Police Union website is a simple one page website with clean, modern look designed to present the election issues in a eye catching and pleasing matter.

While the elections are now over, the website is still active with plans of updates to the design, and content in late 2019.

Designer: Chris Stewart

View Victoria City Police Union Website

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I am always interested in opportunities in developing a custom WordPress theme and setup to fit your brand and needs. You can use this contact form below to get in touch. I am also on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, or you could just email me.