About Me

Hi there, my name is Steve Toms. I am a web developer, and graduate of the Information Technology – Software Development major program at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT). I am talented, and skilled in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery, with a count knowledge of PHP, and WordPress.

I am always striving to further enhance these skills. To complement my skills as a web developer I have talents for organization, multitasking, conflict management and working with others. I constantly strive to learn and to expand knowledge of web development and technologies with a constant mind toward the future.

I am a born and raised Calgarian, currently residing in Victoria to take a position with H2 Accelerator as a Web Developer. I have always had a passion for computers, especially when it comes to developing web applications. I enjoy the challenges of applications that are not only clean, and good looking but are efficient as well.


Below is a sample of websites I’ve worked on both at H2 Accelerator and otherwise.

Chemistry Consulting

Designer: Kelly Rocque

View Chemistry Consulting Website

Great Things Photo Contest

Designer: Rachel Park

View Great Things Photo Contest Website

The Finishing Store

Designer: Rachel Park

View The Finishing Store Website

Contact Me

I am always interested in opportunities in developing a custom WordPress theme and setup to fit your brand and needs. You can use this contact form below to get in touch. I am also on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, or you could just email me.